Custom Walk In Closet


Reason #1 – You use your closets multiple times a day

Look at all the rooms in your home. Some will be used infrequently. Do formal dining rooms, formal living rooms, dens, basements and sunrooms come to mind? With custom closets you’re using them a minimum of 2 times a day. With a custom pantry your family is routing around in there all hours of the day. If you want a home which ‘lives well,’ invest money where your usage is. If you look at frequency of use, custom closets will be a smart investment on your home upgrade shopping list.

Reason #2 – You lack time

Do you hate wasting time in search of lost things (where is that remote this time)? According to a study from US News and World Report we lose 1 year of our lives looking for lost things. Finding clothes and shoes in a messy closet is one time-sucking activity. With the help of a custom closet that helps make you organized, they can (and do) help to provide structure and adjustability which will allows a space to work for you. If wasting time is something you can ill afford, an efficient custom closet system is a smart upgrade.

Reason #3 – You can see what you have

A closet with a single pole and shelf will force you to squeeze things in. When you have the ‘closet squeeze’ on, it near impossible to know what you have – causing you to buy duplicates. Custom Closets help avoid this for example, in your pantry have you ever figured out why you have 5 cans of tomato sauce (and 3 are expired) because you can’t see what’s in the back? Have you bought the exact same blouse or shirt, not realizing you already had one? An efficient custom closet with double hanging space, drawers and a shelving designated for shoes and foldable items will have your things organized and visible. An efficient pantry with slide out drawers will prevent you from wasting food and avoid those knees from creaking.

Reason #4 – Visual clutter gives you Anxiety

Where You Live shouldn’t be a place which adds stress. Your home should relax you, de-stress you. Being Organized will help with this and put your mind A custom closet is something you can control IF you have a system which makes a visually uncluttered space possible. You can add drawers and gain more storage (drawers can fit 2x the number of things than hanging space). You can put in double or even triple hanging (which works well if you have short skirts and/or scarf collections) spaces and get more in the same cubic square footage. A custom closet is one area where you CAN reduce anxiety (with what everyday life brings you not so much).

Reason #5 – What was the big reason you wanted to move in the first place? Often, it’s for larger and more efficient storage

Maybe you’re a ‘move-up’ buyer (as the home building industry likes to call you). As you’ve had more kids, your current home has become as overstuffed as a stuffed animal at Build a Bear. According to the popular real estate web site – more (and better) custom closets are the second most requested upgrade in a home. On the other hand, if you’re an empty nester you’re finally looking to downsize and have it your way. You’ve worked hard for years. You’ve raised (and at times are still raising) your kids and sacrificed for them. Now you can move yourself up on the list and get the closet of your dreams.


To live a calmer life, organization can help you get there. Just one less thing to worry about that frustrates you. Custom Closets, Garage Cabinets and Kitchen Drawers are steps to get you there.

At Conquering Clutter, our team of professionals can help you design your custom closet of your dreams.For more information please call our sales office.

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