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I am starting our first blog post with this topic and proud to choose this because it has an impact on your life and ours.

My wife Kathy came up with this as our company tag line because we design, manufacture and install custom closet systems that help you keep your life organized. We feel that stress is what ages us and might even contribute to a shorter life.

Some of the reasons on how clutter contributes to that stressful mode is how anxiety can hit you all of a sudden when you are getting ready in the morning and open that closet door and everything is in disarray!

Where are my shoes, on left and they are all in just a pile turn to the right and there is a 2 ft stack of my pants falling over and in the center my shirts and ties are so packed I don’t even know what I have. The Stress level needle is in the red and the day has not even started.

After all that you have traffic, parking the worry of lunch and the worst can come when you get to a messy desk. Oh my has it ended, no! When you get home and open the garage door, and everything is stacked all over whew! I better stop with these examples as my anxiety level is raising and I am just writing this.

Organization isn’t a Luxury, it is a Necessity! That statement alone has just added a decade of life to all of us (thank Kathy for this). The importance of having a placing for everything can make everyday life just plain easier.

Walk into a custom closet that has double hang, shelving, drawers and accessories for ties and belts lets you concentrate on looking your best with everything in reach. Back out of your garage knowing when you get home and have a honey do list and actually know where your tools are instead of hours looking for them. Your stress level has dropped and life not only becomes easier it becomes longer and healthier.

The importance of reducing stress on things we can control and organization is just one of them that proves that is a necessity and not a luxury. We take for granted that there is always another day and that is not true.

According to Shape, a study conducted from Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found people with homes cluttered, or homes filled with unfinished projects, were more depressed, fatigued and had higher cortisol levels then their counterparts who described their homes as restful and restorative.

If you don’t know, cortisol is the body’s stress hormone — so when your level goes up, our feelings of stress are amplified. Surely, none of us want that. Based on the study, if we want to prevent these negative effects, we should strive to keep our homes organized. According to Shape, after decluttering and organizing, you should feel happier and more relaxed.

So please take the time each day to get organized it will make you sleep and eat better, and you will attack your day with more energy than ever.

So, remember this important phrase Organization isn’t a Luxury, it is a Necessity! and you will have a greater impact on your life.

By Robert & Kathleen Rybarski

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