Pull Out Drawers or Shelves for Your Kitchen/Pantry San Diego's Best


Our System sits on the floor for 2 reasons A: for structure strength and support - due to the weight of items you can store and everyday use of pull down items and opening and closing drawers. B: for a built-in, clean look.
Our systems are made from 3/4" shelf grade melamine. The shelf grade material will withstand a heavier load before sagging.
Storage systems will vary in price due to all the options that you can add to your system. When calling for a price, have an idea of size of area and what you feel you need for storage of your items.
Our Systems are built with adjustment in mind. At any time a section can adjust in height of 1 1/4" at a time to avoid the precious cubic space needed for storage. On most occasions a simple screw driver can change a shelf section to a hanging section in just minutes. For more difficult changes, give us a call and a team member can do that.
If at any time, your needs change, we can provide you with the parts needed to accommodate that need.
From the time of your final drawing approval, it takes about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks to install.
We can take down your system if you're moving, make modifications to the new space, and reinstall from there.
Everything is custom made for your storage space and needs.
We have 15 years of experience in the organizational business and are involved with our employees training from beginning to end.
We have our own employees to give you the best experience of your investment. At times a specialty contractor may be brought to fill a need but under our guidance.